P24 Marketing & Sales Services provides the top-quality professional services in the area of marketing and sales. The company boasts an expert marketing team with international experience to support you in all phases of your marketing and sales activities to quickly and effectively increase your sales figures.
    Take advantage of our in-depth professional knowledge, our extensive expertise in the IT sector, and our years of project experience.

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    B2B Eventmanagement

    From design through to implementation and review, we help you with all the elements required to make your trade fair appearances and events successful.
    Whether a complete event or individual parts of an event, we can turn even small budgets into something special. In all areas, we work with a fixed group of service providers, thus allowing us to work as a well coordinated team to supply the best quality in the shortest amount of time.

    Our services portfolio includes:
    • Planning, preparation, and implementation of your event or trade fair
    • Recommendation or selection of your event location
    • Logistics
    • Budgeting and ongoing budget monitoring
    • Advanced marketing activities such as invitations, scheduling dates, advertising, etc.
    • Registration management
    • Creating conference and trade fair documents for employees and participants
    • Hotel reservation and trip planning for your team as well as for the participants
    • On-site management
    • Success monitoring and after-fair activities
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    Generating Leads / Telemarketing

    Highest-level customer acquisition by sales professionals with years of expertise and industry know-how. Successful, top-quality campaigns. With our help, you will be able to guide your new-customer acquisitions in a targeted manner, create a positive perception of your company, and differentiate it from the competition. We also assist you in increasing the value of your customer relationships by cross-selling, upselling and establishing long-term brand loyalty.

    Our services portfolio includes:

    • Researching the correct contacts
    • Establishing contact in your name
    • Generating interest in your product or service
    • Sending information
    • Analysing and documenting the progress of acquisitions to provide hot leads to your sales staff

    Our portfolio of services also facilitates:

    • Following up on leads
    • Customer retention
    • Scheduling dates
    • Surveys
    • Measuring customer satisfaction
    • Evaluating the market chances of new products
    • Address qualification and database maintenance
    • Desires for future products
    • Selection and implementation of lead-generation activities.
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    Marketing Consultation, Design, Planning

    We will gladly help you design your concepts and strategies in the area of marketing and sales. Consultation focuses on analysing and defining markets, target customers, sales channels, marketing activities, and marketing communication. We of course also provide support during implementation of the newly defined actions.

  • TEAM

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    Christiane von Stein

    Managing director
    The P24 Marketing & Sales Services team consists of experienced marketing and sales experts with international management experience.
    Projects are implemented exclusively by trained professionals.
    Industry expertise in IT and media for more than 15 years.
    Projects can be scaled according to customer needs.
    This means top quality for you.
    Successful campaigns.

    We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!
    Contact us for an appointment.

    We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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    P24 Marketing & Sales Services
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